Blogging; why choose a single niche?

Blogging; why choose a single niche?

Ok, so I’m new at blogging. It’s only been less than a year since I started my own blog. I read blogs about blogging before making the jump, and on almost every blog we are told that we need to focus on one niche. For example a blog about food, kids, pets, quotes, politic, travel, fashion, and much more. Ever since then, I’m trying to fing THE niche that fits me the most…

But the thing is; I don’t want to write about only one subject! I’m that kinda girl that is interrested and passionnated about a lot of things! I want to write about my dog, I want to write about horses, I want to write about books (Oh yeah! I’m a bookworm), about movies, fashion, food, feelings, crafts, and about whatever is on my mind at the moment!

I consider my website as a lifestyle blog. And I know many bloggers will say that it’s not a good thing that I should concentrade my blog on one isubject, but I don’t want to live my life around one thing! I want diversity, talking about the same thing over and over get’s me bored! What about you? Would you be talking about food all your life? Would you be writing posts about music everyday? Or searching for the best remedy for health issues over and over? Aren’t you tired of people telling you what to do?

Wouldn’t you mind a little change sometimes, see something else, listen to something new or even go on an adventure? Yes? Well, me too! So that’s why I decided not to choose a specific niche and write about everything that pops up in my mind. My blog is like an adventrue for me! I want to experience something new and share my thoughts with the world without being judge. And if I can inspire or help someone on the way, that’s even greater!

“Imagine that everything is possible”

So I know that my article title is “Blogging; why choose a single niche?”, but the real question here is : why should I start a lifestyle blog instead of write about one specific topic? Here’s the answers I came up with:

Starting a lifestyle blog brings joy

Yeah, lifestyle blog bring joy! For people like who is interrested in so many things and like diversity, it’s hard to choose only one niche. So creating a lifestyle blog allow us to write about what ever we want to! And that makes me happy. I never know when I wake up in the morning what I’m going to writeon those blank pages. It is always a surprise. And since I publish stuff I really “want”, it is always easier to draft my words down. Maybe, if you try it, you will enjoy it as much as I do! Why don’t you give it a try?

Starting a lifestyle blog gives you opportunities to learn

Creating a lifestyle blog gives you opportunities to try new things! Since you blog about many topic, you create interrests in common with a lot of different people. You can then exchange eperiences with these other bloggers. You try new experiences and acquire new knowledge. You can clearify subjects that you were questionning about. besides, isn’t always fun to discover new stuff and makes new friends?

Starting a lifestyle blog can help others

Ok, so you might tell me that any blog can help other people. And it is true. But by writing about differe topics reaches to more people. And maybe your “how to cook a turkey in the oven” post did help people that are new to cooking. But that one person who needed to feel normal read your “why I don’t fit in the mold?” post and finally realised that he/she is not alone. You probably will never know, but, in that situation, you might just have saved someone’s life. For that person, you were exactly what he/she needed.

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