Lost soul..

Hi everyone,

Have you ever felt like you’ve just lost a part of yourself?

December was a very sad day for me and my family… Remember in my last post, I told you a bit about my Grandma, that I loved spending time with her because I didn’t know when would be the last time… Well the puzzle you saw on my last post is the last one I did with her… :(:( She passed away on december 13th 2018. I feel horrible!

I’m just feeling ready to talk about it now. And it is still very hard for me to write about her knowing that I’ll never see her again. I can’t help but let some tears drop while writing.

I always doubted that moment where my mom calls me to tell me that horrible news… I never thought it would be this soon. She started to get sick with her lungs about 6 years ago, but the last few years she was doing better. we never thought that she would leave us in a heartbeat like she did.. My grandfather woke up that day and found her in her bed, he thought she was sleeping, but she was gone. Knowing that she left in her sleep is kind of a relief for us, because it means that she did not suffer!

My grandma was not only my grandma. She was my friend. She was the centerpiece of the family. She was so caring. She was always taking news of everyone. She used to call everyday just to keep in touch with us.

She was generous. She would have give us anything! Every time we went to her place, she would tell us to take something from the pantry or the fridge if we were hungry. She would play games with us and let us win. She would have give up on her life for us. When we were in trouble, she was always there to worry about us and wanting to help us in anyway she could. Even if she didn’t have a lot of money, she would have gave us her last penny.

She had a sensitive soul. When ever she saw something wrong, whether it was in live, on tv or internet, wich wasn’t good, wich wasn’t human, she would come so sad and feel pitty for the others. Tears were never far from dropping everytime we talked or see something sad. She always saw the good in people. I’ve never heard my ”mémé” judge other people. If everybody was like her, life on earth would be more peaceful.

She was a hard working woman. She wasn’t scared of work! And even when she was not working, she wouldn’t just sit down doing nothing… what she liked the mostwas going wild fruits picking! She could spend whole afternoons sitting in a field and picking wild blueberries, wild strawberries or wild cranberries. Then she’d come home and hull all the fruits one by one. Her fingertips would come all red when it was strawberries. And then, well guess what? We all received one dish of her harvest! 😀 We live on the Magdalens Islands and we have a lot of wild berries.

She had an amazing patience. Besides spending afternoons picking berries, she would also spend entire days sewing. Not with a machine.. Hand sewing. She was a great seamstress. She has 5 kids and 9 grand-kids and we all had a patchwork bed blanket set. And she did some for other people also. She would get sore fingers before stopping.

She was funny. She had a funny way of making us laugh. When we would gather around the table for supper, if she wanted more she never asked for it. She would say : Yum, that apple pie is SOOO delicious! That soup is my favorite! or even : I LOOVEEEE that stew! We then new that she wanted more:p She had that same funny way of telling when she didn’t like it, but she didn’t want to say it. So she said : maybe with a little bit of soya sauce it would be good… we all started laughing!! XD haha! Since then, whenever she didn’t like something, she said tht sentence.

What made us laugh, is when we take funny pictures with her. She was always up for funny pictures! We showed her snapchat filters one day and we laughed soooooo much with her XD

She was just a damn good human! And now she is, I believe, a wonderful angel <3


Snapchat filter XD soooo much fun!

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