My story

Hello friend!

My name is Audrey-Anne. I’m 22 years old and I’m francophone. So excuse me if I make a few mistakes. I’m from a little town called Grande-Entrée. You’ve probably never heard of that place before as it is very small. There’s about 400 to 500 people in my community. It’s the east end of the Magdalen Islands, in Quebec. It is a beautiful place. I wouldn’t live anywhere else. The Magdalen Islands is my happy place.

I’m a pet lover. Life wouldn’t be the same without animals. I’ve always had dogs and cats home. In 2007 for my birthday, my parents took me and my friends to the only equestrian center here on the Magdalen Islands. It is called La crinière au vent. I just FELL IN LOVE WITH HORSES!! The week after my birthday I was starting horseback riding lessons. At first, I was having allergies reaction to horses, but I was so determined to continue horseback riding that I fought back my allergies! After a year, my parents bought me my very first horse! Her name is Cassie. And then a lot happened since.

Today, I am the one giving the lessons at that equestrian center. It’s a dream come true! .. or at least I thought it was.. I really like my job, at first I was like in a dream. But as the weeks got by, I got tired and bored or doing and telling the same thing over and over : put your heals down, look up, hands down, be gentle, don’t run in the stable, you’re on the wrong side, squeeze your legs, etc, etc… Teaching something is harder than I thought. I know what I’m doing and I know what they’re doing right or wrong, but it’s really hard to teach it to beginners. You want them to learn the good way of doing things but at the same time you can’t expect for them to be perfect the first time. And also you have to be really creative in the way you teach, if not they get bored and you feel bad. Even if they didn’t get that “8 figure” right after a couple of tries, you need to move on to something else like a game or you will lose them..

But, it was not my only dream. What’s the point in life if you don’t have dreams? I’m dreaming of a life where I can make a living from home. Have my own little farm and garden and just be outside everyday, all day, with my animals and working in the garden. Being self-sufficient. Except for meat! OMG I wouldn’t be able to raise cow or pigs for meat.. I would convert to vegetarianism with no doubts to be self-sufficient. I would eat fish (and we have a lot of good fishes here) and eggs. I’m dreaming of a life with kids running around in the fields and me being the coolest working at home mom. I love reading and writing, so I can easily see myself as a stay at home blogger mom and raise my kids between writing and farming time.

I’ve decided to create this blog for many reasons. First, to share my passions with you and help you in any sort of way. Also to show off the Magdalen Islands, since it’s really beautiful. I want people to know more about where I’m from. And finally because I thinks it’s a good start for moving forward with my dream. I use to share my dreams with my friends and nobody really believed that I could make it happen because we are in a tiny town. So I’m sort of hoping that this blog will help me prove them wrong.

If you think I can and should make this happen, please subscribe to my blog and share your thoughts with me!